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Let us know who you are, your passion, what you're good at, and anything else you want to share about yourself!

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Hey Kolektivo community, I'm Luuk, and this is my introduction! Born and raised in Curaçao. Currently living in the Netherlands. I have a deep passion for food, karate, and nature. Currently, I run Kolektivo Labs, an innovation lab that researches... (More)
Andrew 'Andy' KirchnerKolektivo Steward
Facilitator • Ordinary dude with a different attitude
Hi Kolektivo members, I'm Andy Kirchner, born and based on Curaçao, and I am a steward for Kolektivo and Innovation Ç. I've been a social entrepreneur since 2013 with 2nd Life Curaçao and since 2015 with The Recycled Pirate |... (More)
Runy CalmeraCuraDAO Member
Data Scientist / Investor / Social Impact
Hey Kolektivo! I’m Runy Calmera. I love music (Kizomba), making short films (48 Hours Films), sharing knowledge and learning and reinventing myself. I’m the data guy. I build economic spreadsheet models to analyze what’s happening at the national level. And... (More)