Where it all started 📜

Kolektivo got its start through CuraDAO. CuraDAO started in 2019 as a pilot program to use blockchain technologies to organize communities around a common goal. After winning the CITI Kickstart Innovathon in 2020 with the pitch for Kolektivo, the real work started.

At the start of 2021 a lot of groundwork took place; the publication of the Kolektivo Framework whitepaper, finding of strategic partnerships with Celo that support R&D and Fuse to launch the CuraDAI app, to make the local digital stablecoin more accessible through a user-friendly wallet.

All of this had to happen so we could officially kickstart the Kolektivo project in September 2021 through the first round of grants. The growth since then has been unimaginable. Our team alone counts over 14 members working from Curaçao and the Netherlands with over 12 international partners.

There are great things ahead, so make sure you follow along! 🌱