Three events in four weeks... 😱

Thank you to all who attended the Curaçao Pioneros Ban Topa at Beyglz and the Innovation Ç Knowledge & Networking at The Triangle. And an extra special thanks Rianne & Yolanda for being troopers.

Last Tuesday we closed this month's, unexpected, event cycle with the Antillen Kring. A local discussion group with an interesting community and even more interesting conversation about Donut Economy Philosophy (Thank you JC) and a community (stable) coin.

📸 Peter Muller

As Kolektivo (Collective) we are steadily creating a team that is showing more promising every time, spanning over multiple countries with big aspirations.

We are building a community network so we can create a regenerative economy. From the ground up, with Web 3 development, into the Blockchain, into, hopefully, your hearts and pocket.

I should not be involved in this, for there are more intelligent people out there, but I love working on it every minute, and I'm going to give it my all!

It's a creator's dream to create a dream project, and I'm on it!

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