The Social Connection
We are more connected than ever, yet we sometimes forget who we are. Before COVID-19 we all checked our Facebook feed for news, shared a picture on Instagram to connect with friends and gain likes. Some of us used LinkedIn to get a position or to share our business updates. Some of us use all of them simultaneously to share our stories and connect business and life to create our online community.

COVID-19 may have disrupted life, but it has also enabled us to connect in new ways through digital social connections.

In this Digital Conference, we will reflect on the latest communication developments and share how you can consciously maintain and improve your social connections. This is the perfect Digital Conference if you want to increase your online visibility with your core values, personal, professional or corporate.

Join us in this digital conference on Thursday, April 23th at 15:00 (AST).

We had a last minute improvement. We moved The Social Connection to BigMarker and can now host up to 500 participants.

We also managed to get a publication in the newspaper Antilliaans Dagblad.

If you haven't yet, you can still register for tomorrow.