✌️ Proof of Life ✌️

2021 ended with an enormous emotional high and a dark, and down, physical low.
While it feels like my most accomplished year ever (!!!) it has also come with medical challenges that really rocked my foundation and triggered many fears.

I am very pleased with myself and my practice of self-care, keeping the balance ⚖️ between work, life, health and sanity. Yet, with all my practice and experience, I couldn't have prepared myself for nerve pains, hospital visits and unanswered medical questions. I can not play the tough guy with a straight face.

I will, however, not let my head hang or be pity. In the coming time, I will be focussing on three "projects" that will keep my spirits high and help me grow beyond whatever I can imagine.

1. I will be on a medical/health quest to find solutions for these challenges. This is not an easy nor short path, and it can’t be avoided. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

2. I will continue my #EveryoneAPostcard project for The Recycled Pirate. Please join my Patreon, donate to my PayPal, or come and visit me, so we can write some cards together. I can really use the distraction and positive vibes that I can send, and receive!

3. I am on an AMAZING adventure with Kolektivo Curaçao which has been making many of my dreams come true. As an ecosystem facilitator within the organization, I will be focusing on creating a lot of social impact on the island, from food forests to economic developments, with a local and international team.

I am excited. I am confused. I am scared. I am inspired. And I am willing to face whatever comes on my path, and work though whatever challenge that counters me.

I am The Recycled Pirate, because I recycle life. Nothing changes if you don't change with it. ♻️

Let's make 2022 a year to remember, no matter the outcome!

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