I've been busy... In all the good ways!

Teams are an interesting concept. By working together, you can achieve so much more, but you have to work through so much more inner work, to be of service to the team.

I love being part of this evolving team. Yolanda Wiel joined to help build the community. Rianne Gracia joined to bring more local and diaspora talent to the team, if possible with some tech affiliation. Kyara Wanga hoined to help us improve the inner and external communication. Giovani Zanolino joined, or at least his hand did, to bring art and culture to the team.

Together, with many others, for example Gilberto Morishaw , Ruben Russel, Luuk Weber and Ayrton Sambo located in the Netherlands, we form Kolektivo.

A collective, aiming to build a regenerative economy for our beloved island Curaçao. Using modern governance with Web3 development, Blockchain technology and a community coin named Curadai, to supply an ecosystem with good intentions.

We bring innovation to our international rock and make it an #ImpactHub

📍 Nut House Curaçao