Grassroots work: Creating the Kolektivo ecosystem.

We are grateful to Cherissa Koko to invite us to the Antillen Kring. The Antillen Kring is a local discussion group that wanted to better understand the philosophy of a Regenerative Economy. Why the use of Web 3 and Blockchain technology are important. And how a local community coin, CuraDAI, can bring us together.

Kolektivo called in the help of Juan-Carlos Goilo to share his experience with the Doughnut Economy philosophy and why it's important for us as an island to take a deeper look at our local ecosystem.

Kolektivo is build with the Doughnut Economy philosophy in mind and brings the best of multiple philosophies in a collective ecosystem that we call an impact economy.

We can only create an impact if we work collectively, and we are growing, from a seed, to a collective of changemakers.

📸 Yolanda Wiel

Read more on Kolektivo drive to create an impact on Curaçao:

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