Djaweps awor nos lo organisa nos prome Facebook Pioneros Happy Hour. Esaki ta pa Pioneros den e Curaçao’s Pioneers Facebook Group so!
Bo no mester hasi nada, djis djoin nos ku bo drinks favorito pa nos siña konose otro i pa nos por introdusibo na un par di nos proyekto nan riba un manera informal.
Te Djaweps, 6 di mei, 5 PM, Korsou.

Registra komo Pionero, si bo no ta ahinda i djoin nos Facebook Group

This Thursday we'll organize our first Facebook Pioneros Happy Hour. This is within the Facebook Group of Curaçao’s Pioneers!
You don't have to do anything, just join us with your favorite drink, so we can get to know each other better, and so we can introduce some of our projects to you, in an informal way.
See you Thursday, May 6th, 5 PM Curaçao.

Register as a Pionero, if you haven't done yet and join our Facebook Group