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Bon bini to the CuraDAO group! 🏝️

CuraDAO is network of global changemakers that support sustainable development on Curaçao by contributing to social impact projects. By using emerging technology we've managed to created a honest and effective system to pool and distribute resources to projects that matter. 

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Big step towards a regenerative economy on #Curaçao! 🌱 The Food Forest Curaçao proposal submitted by Klarvin Cijntje has passed. Together with renowned local syntropic agroforestry expert Roland van Reenen, the plan is to build sustainable Edible Food Forests usin... (More)
jhenitza liked 9 months ago
The first Local Syntrophic Food Forest proposal has been submitted to CuraDAO. Klarvin has requested 1100 CuraDAI to establish the food forest on his terrain. 20% of the harvest will be rewarded to #CuraDAO as compensation. We're working with a... (More)
Hey community, in about 45 minutes we're going to host a small meetup to give the Ethereum community a small insight in CuraDAO and discuss social-impact DAOs. If you haven't registered yet, feel free to join us here: or... (More)
Luuk commented a year ago
Good morning #CuraDAO, Yesterday Uniswap 2.0, a platform that allows for the seamless creation of crypto exchange markets was launched. If we pool (lock) enough funds on the platform we can create a liquid pair between CuraDAI and all other... (More)